It all started with an invitation to give a commencement address. How simple and easy – a speech to college students! My husband, Mike Sherman, is the Provost at THE University of Akron (UA) in Akron, OH. Many university administrators receive invitations to speak to different groups -locally or nationally; some internationally. It’s a part of the job.

Well, this invitation has taken on a life of it’s own! We’re on a three week trip traveling across the Pacific Rim! Mr. Shawn Chen, founder and President of Sias University in Zhengzhou, China visited UA last fall. The invitation to give the commencement address came from interactions during that visit. Since we were going to be ‘in the neighborhood’, it made sense to visit other universities with ties to UA. And then there are many alumni of UA across the Pacific Rim, so we should see them too! For example, over 100 Master’s and PhD alumni from the College of Polymer Sciences live in Taiwan – who knew!

So we start in Hong Kong with a few vacation days to see Mike’s cousin; again, since we’re in the neighborhood! Afterwards we’re off to Beijing, Xi’an, Kaifeng and Zhengzhou in the vast country of China. Onward to Seoul, South Korea and our last stop will be in Taipei, Taiwan. So come join us as we run the Pacific Rim!

The ‘Link’s page has web links providing information about the places we’re visiting.